Meransen and all of South Tyrol is not only a walker’s paradise, but also an Eldorado for cyclists... that is what the Cycle Club -Tempo-Hirzweiler from Illingen in Saarland will tell you and we are their main sponsor.

Each year the cycling group comes to visit in Meransen and stirs the place up with their blue Schönblick jerseys.



IIn the alpine region of Gitschberg / Jochtal, 30 mountains present an exciting challenge. Experienced cyclists find a limitless number of mountain stages with captivating views. For families and less experienced cyclists we recommend the Pustertaler cycle way from Mühlbach to Lienz. You can build stops into your route in various places and travel back by train.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a sport which exercises the whole body. It protects your joints and can be practised without much prior knowledge or fitness. That is why a Nordic walking track was set up in the Gitschberg Jochtal holiday region. Of course you can also take your poles with you on all the other footpaths and alpine ways.


For those who want to fish, besides the usual patience you are required to carry a provisional fishing permit and day card. The permit is valid for 3 months and can be purchased between 31 March and 30 September from the Eisacktal Tourism Association. Fishing is also permitted in the following locations:

  • Stausee at Mühlbach: day cards available from the “Alte Schmiede” bar in Mühlbach, from Senoner Hotel in Brixen and from Bar Riol in Franzensfeste.
  • Wilder See at Vals: day cards available from the jewellers “Burkia” in Mühlbach or from “Zur Linde” guesthouse.
  • Seefeldseen at Meransen: day cards available from Meransen Tourist Information and from the Wieser and Pranterstadel huts in the Altfasstal Valley.
    Non-permit fishing: at the Angelteich Untersee in Vahrn.

Coach rides

Our neighbour in Unterkircherhof will be happy to accompany you on a coach ride.


The panoramic view you get from paragliding and hang gliding is unparalleled. In the Alpine region of Gitschberg Jochtal there are launch sites in virtually all of the higher villages and towns. The best known locations are on the Gitschberg and Rodenecker Alm.


For cooling off, visit the Issinger mere at Pfalzen, Lake Vahrner and Meransen’s alpine pool.