Welcome to the Hotel Schönblick, the gourmet hotel in South Tyrol!
With us you experience pure culinary delights and the true taste of South Tyrol. We tempt you with high quality regional products and a light and healthy cuisine.

Apple juice from the Schwarzielhof farm in Velturno
The Sigmund family from the Schwarzielhof farm in Velturno grows the best apples on the sunny side of Valle Isarco and produces 100% natural cloudy apple juice.

Merano mineral water San Vigilio
Above Merano the Merano mineral water springs up from the sour rocks at an altitude of 1,540 m. The water is a source of sodium and potassium and contains low levels of calcium and magnesium. Thanks to its special composition Merano mineral water has a laxative effect and is beneficial for chronic inflammations of the respiratory tract.

Grappas from the Walcher distillery
In Appiano, one of South Tyrol’s largest fruit growing regions, the Walcher distillery produces fine Grappas and delicious fine brandies from the fruit of the region.

Bread from the village bakery Stampfl
Breakfast rolls, rye bread, wholegrain rolls or rolls made from rye, wheat and sourdough: We get our fresh bread daily from the village bakery Stampfl. The bread is made from the best raw materials and natural ingredients. Because of the outstanding quality people with food intolerances can also frequently enjoy these breads. And because we and the baker want to give you a special treat, there is also fresh bread available on Sundays during the high season.

South Tyrolean mountain milk
100% milk from South Tyrol - 100% GMO-free - 100% pleasure
5,000 committed farming families lovingly look after approx. 15 cows each and milk them twice a day, 365 days a year. Milk collecting vehicles collect the fresh milk daily from even the most remote farms and take them to the dairy for processing. Within 24 hours the fresh milk is on the shelves in the shops. South Tyrolean mountain milk - pure milk delight.

Refined cheeses from the Drei Zinnen Alpine dairy
The valuable nutrients of milk are also found in cheese. The Alpine dairy Drei Zinnen uses only milk from the surrounding farms for its approx. 20 types of cheese.

Free range eggs: Happy chickens for good eggs
Only happy chickens live on the Eggerhof farm in Aldino. The free range chickens are fed with a special feed by the company Rieper. The feed is purely plant-based, GMO-free, and made without yolk dyes and meat meal.

Jams and preserves from Alpe Pragas
Alpe Pragas in idyllic Valle di Braies processes fruit from their own orchards and from trusted partners to jams, preserves, smoothies, syrups and more. All delicacies from Alpe Pragas contain at least 70% fruit and are processed gently. They are free from added colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Kandlwaalhof farm in Lasa
In the marble village of Lasa the Luggin family runs the Kandlwaalhof farm, where they grow fine fruit and herbs on sunny slopes at an altitude of 900 m, which are then turned into delicious apple juice, dried fruit, vinegar, mustard and more.

Bergila in Issengo near Falzes
With love and passion the team from Bergila grows many kinds of herbs and flowers in Issengo and produces 100% organic products from them. We purchase our essential oils for our sauna from this company.

Viropa tea
Since 1977 the name Viropa has been associated with delicious teas in South Tyrol. The company offers high quality black, green, herbal and fruit teas. The raw materials are chosen according to strict selection and quality criteria and are packaged gently in the facilities in Bressanone and Andriano, retaining their freshness and wholesomeness, offering top quality products.

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